We have a data-center with 5 physical and up to 100 virtual servers. Each website for a customer will be on his own dedicated virtual server. Our internet link is 500/50 Mbps which is more then enough for the services we provide. We have secured our installation against powerissues with a serious UPS, we use a strong firewall to fight against internet attacks. Our backbone between servers is 10 Gbps and all VM’s are communicating at 1 Gbps.

We offer following services out of this data-center:


You read it correctly. We offer free mailboxes on your own domain or on our domain imeel.be
Our mail server is a professional server including multiple anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing engines.
The communications are secured with TLS or SSL and the emails are available trough web-mail, POP3, IMAP4 of with ActiveSync for your smartphone.
No limit on mailbox sizes !


Do you have an existing website but you are paying too much money for this services? Have your website hosted for free! We will help you with the migration.


FREE WEB-DESIGN, including e-commerce:
We can create a new website for you. If you have an existing we can help you to give it a modern look. We use mostly WordPress but also have knowledge of Joomla and Drupal.


We can help you with advice on how to integrate IT in your organization, create IT budgets, control investments, control execution of services, audits, GDPR, and many others.


Do yo have a server, a NAS, a iMac, Windows PC or other device which is nut running smoothly or is having problems, then we can help you with the repairs. Our support is also for free, you may have to pay for the purchase of spare parts but you will benefit from my purchase prices.


just ask us if you have a question regarding IT, communications, internet, web-shops, etc… We have extensive knowledge on most IT domains and if we can not help you, then we can forward your request to a partner of us.