Who are we?

Good question. This nonprofit idea came from me, Erwin Geuëns, via my company GR-ADVICE. I am the owner of the infrastructure, the data-center and all free services. I’m back-upped by 2 IT specialists in case of my absence. They work at the company TAURIX and their website is www.taurix.net.






Why am I doing this?

The reason is simple and complex. I started my career in 1985 but I was playing with computers since 1979. As of 1985 I was also a freelance after hours helping a lot of customers, mostly SMB, with their IT related questions. While my career moved to a more sales and even management positions I still maintained my passion for IT and my technical skills while helping my customers. I was even an IT manager for an international company during 6 years where I learned a lot.

in 2010 I started to work as a full time freelance account manager and I created by company GR-ADVICE. My main job was sales but I invested also in my own data-center to help my IT customers even better but also to keep a grip on the fast changing technical IT market. End of 2017 I had the opportunity to work for my current employer Realdolmen as an employee. I reduced (with approval of Realdolmen of course) my freelance work to a strict minimum. I was owner of a data-center no longer used at his maximum potential.

Since my 3 kids are adults now, I needed a new hobby. After several weeks of looking around and thinking about how I can use my data-center and my technical skills and passion I came to the idea of helping non profit organizations with their IT.

Doing so I solved most of my problems:

  • I’m a very social person who’s main satisfaction is helping people. Now I can help people who really need it. Those non profit organizations who are working their ass out for the helpless in our society.
  • I can use my passion and extensive IT knowledge to their rescue.
  • I have a new hobby.
  • I can use my servers to their full potential and even invest even more if needed.
  • I developed my technical skills even more, I’m still very curious on IT evolution since I started my career and hobby in the early IT days. I remain a kid in a toy store 🙂
  • Let my customers use their precious sponsor funding without them needed to pay for IT services. Every euro they can use for their action is well spent.


How am I funded?

Funding my efforts is based on several resources.

  • My company GR-ADVICE still has some income from my work with my own customers. Since I no longer get money out of my company for my own use I can take profit of all benefit for my nonprofit-cloud initiative. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of money coming in on a yearly base. My deal with my employer reduced the number of customers to 5 and this is not enough to maintain the data-center and the monthly fix costs. (Estimated at 400 €/month mainly electricity, cooling, internet access, firewall updates and other software)
  • In order to help me with this initiative I contacted friends and former partners to check if they would be interested in funding me a little. See my sponsor page for more information on them. I’m still looking for more sponsors so if you have a great heart and even greater wallet :), feel free to contact me. I can invoice through my company so you can deduct the sponsoring from your company or taxes.
  • I will start visiting companies, stores, shops and other soon trying to sell my initiative to them.